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Symphony - Premium Blend

Symphony - Premium Blend

PriceFrom EGP219.00

Our artisan blend will elevate your coffee experience. With a rich, full-bodied cup and a smooth mouthfeel, Symphony boasts an aroma of pecans and sweet spices.


Savour tasting notes of walnuts, dark chocolate, and a hint of berries, followed by a bright, clean finish.


Treat your taste buds to the symphony of flavours found in every cup of Symphony.

  • Keeping Fresh Coffee Fresh

    Dancing Bean recommends keeping your freshly roasted coffee in your freezer, if freezer space is not available or not suitable, please keep your coffee in the refrigerator. 


    Please reduce coffee exposure to oxygen and humidity, to do so reseal your coffee bag immediately after scooping your coffee out of the bag.


    At Dancing Bean, we spare no expense or effort to ensure your coffee is packaged in the best available packaging material using the latest technology for keeping coffee from damaging elements (oxygen, humidity and light).  Dancing Bean bags are made with multiple layers of aluminium and FDA-approved, food-safe, material with a one-way valve that is custom-made just for Dancing Bean to keep air out.

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