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Compostable Cups (Pack of 25 Cups)

Compostable Cups (Pack of 25 Cups)

PriceFrom EGP29.50

Fully compostable, double walled, safe for you and the environment!


Did you know that traditional hot coffee cups are cancerous?  They are made of petrochemical plastics that release approx 25,000 particles of cancerous plastic into your body.


Dancing Bean fully compostable cups are safe because the plastic lining is made from plant-based liners, not from petrochemicals.


Dancing Bean cups are also:


  • Environmentally friendly, fully compostable, even better than recyclable!
  • Made of bagasse, recycled sugar cane chaff, so no trees were cut to produce them
  • Cup lining made from vegetable oils not petrochemicals, better for the environment and your health
  • Used compostable cups can be placed in organic waste and break down into the soil, even the ink is environmentally friendly
  • Made to the highest global environmental standards and certified by the German Standardisation Association.
  • Cups are double walled, so not so hot on your hands.
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